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Renting an M5 Recumbent

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Renting an M5 is a fine opportunity to get to know our models. Why not make a beautiful tour along the many superb bicycle paths? Also see the aerial view of the islands on "Touring tips"


Renting fees per day (incl VAT)

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type of recumbent price
M5 City Mate (high bar) Euro 16.00
M5 CMPCT (high bar) Euro 16.00
M5 28/20 of 28/26 (low bar) Euro 18.00
M5 26/20 of 26/26 (low or high bar) Euro 18.00
M5 20/20 (high bar) Euro 18.00
M5 Shock Proof (high bar) Euro 22.50
Titanium Shock ProofEuro 27,50
M5 Low Racer Euro 22.50
City Racer Euro 22.50
City Cruiser Euro 22,50
M5 Tandem Euro 34.00
M5 Handbike Euro 34.00

Long term discount

3 days 15%
1 week 30%
2 weeks 40%
3 weeks 50%

Deposit: Euro 136,- or a unwritten check. Also bring an identity card.

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