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Sunny bike tour to the medieval center of Veere

July 9th, 2013To the top
Starting from the M5 head office with M5's M-Racer and M5's Carbon High Racer through the

Weather alert?

December 17th, 2010To the top

Just keep on biking with spikes!

Weather alert?Despite global warming it is at least in the Netherlands usefull to stock an extra set of wheels with spikes for your recumbent. Even sharp cornering is without risk thanks to these wonderful pins. At least available in the following wheelsizes: ETRTO 406 and 559
Weather alert?
Middelburg is in de ban van de GIRO die finisht op 10 mei.
Mede daarom heeft M5 op uitnodiging van DE boekenwinkel van Nederland, namelijk "de Drukkerij" een 4-tal M5 ligfietsen geëxposeerd in deze boeken "belevingswinkel".
Naast de M5 Ice Blue Carbon High Racer hangt daar nog een werelduurrecordfiets; de M5 Carbon Low Racer en speciaal vanwege de finishende GIRO een GIROrose M5 City Cruiser.
Op de reisafdeling hangt een appelgroene M5 Low Bar met complete tassenset.


International weekend of records.

October 20th, 2009To the top

October 17 and 18 is recumbent weekend in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands). On the new race track an international recordweekend will take place with participants from France (2), USA (1) and the Netherlands (5). It has never been more sensational: with four gentlemen whose mutual performances are hard to distinguish we wouldn't know how to place our bet.

The male candidates

- Former world record keeper Gert-Jan Wijers (42), riding an M5 Carbon High Racer with a personal record of 50.392 km.
- Current world record keeper Niels van der Wal (40) on an M5 Carbon Low Racer. However, in Apeldoorn he'll be attending with a specially tuned M5 Carbon Medium Racer
- Aurélien Bonnetau (26) from France on a standard M5 Carbon High Racer. He is keeper of the current world record with 50.521 km.
- Another powerful rider and also the youngest participant is Bob Vroegh (19), riding a German Razz Fazz.

The female candidates

- Emmy Bezemer (28) is participating for M5 on another M5 Special: an M5 Titanium-Carbon Low Racer with 26 inch front wheel. She will make an attempt to overtake her very powerful French rival. Noteworthy detail is that Emmy's front wheel was used in 1994 during Bram Moens' world record race (77.123 km) in Lelystad!

Support enhances performance, so attend in large numbers and come encourage the racers!

Two days at the races, a fast World Championship

July 10th, 2009To the top

Niels van der Wal (NL) is the new worldchampion on a M5 Carbon Low Racer

Niels van der Wal prepared himself well for a long period towards the World Championships in Tilburg, the Netherlands last weekend. It brought him even to South America this winter for a well deliberated stagecourse. And not without results! He surprised us and all other spectators and participants by winning the 4... hours time trial even from the faired vehicles!! Together with his strong performances on the other competition parts we may call him the new World Champion 2009!

Niels is part of the M5 Racing Team together with David Wielemaker, Emmy Bezemer, Robert Carlier and last year Worldhourrecordholder Gert Jan Wijers

David and Robert did perform strong as well with memorable
times on both timetrials. Robert even catched a world championtitle on the 20 K timetrial. Emmy (M5 Cr-Mo Low Racer) went for a consistent second place and may call herself vice-world champion.Former worldhourrecordholder Gert Jan Wijers did not have his ultimate racingweekend but we're sure we'll see him again at the end of this year for the new hour recordattempts!

Will be continued...


Again new worldhourrecord for M5 Recumbents!! Our 11 th worldrecord...

May 20th, 2009To the top

Now stands at 50.529 km in one hour (or 31.403 miles)

Again new worldhourrecord for M5 Recumbents!! Our 11 th worldrecord...Almost no one expected it, but the sensational improvement (more then 2.5 km) of the worldhourrecord for unfaired recumbents done by Gert Jan Wyers of october 2008 is allready broken!
But we can be glad allthough we lost this record of Gert Jan since it is kept in the " M5 family". And to everyone's surprise: it was done with an 18-year old concept: the M5 Cr-Mo Low Racer. Still a bike with potential it seems. Place where it happened: Velodrome indoor track in Bordeaux, France. Rider: the frenchman Aurelien Bonnetau. He was allready very succesfull earlier this year inbetween hundreds of roadbikes in the well known " LOOK" race where he finished solo minutes ahead the peloton!!
Funny detail: The Velodrome in Bordeaux was in september 1994 also the place where M5 founder Bram Moens did set a new worldhourrecord for recumbents with Tail Fairing (51.123 km). We are very curious what Aurelien should perform with the tuned M5 CHR which weighs some 5 kg's lighter then his current recordmachine.
Again new worldhourrecord for M5 Recumbents!! Our 11 th worldrecord...Again new worldhourrecord for M5 Recumbents!! Our 11 th worldrecord...Again new worldhourrecord for M5 Recumbents!! Our 11 th worldrecord...Again new worldhourrecord for M5 Recumbents!! Our 11 th worldrecord...Again new worldhourrecord for M5 Recumbents!! Our 11 th worldrecord...Again new worldhourrecord for M5 Recumbents!! Our 11 th worldrecord...

New "Beefy" but still very light fronthub from M5

May 1st, 2009To the top
Left: new M5 heavy duty front hub (52 gram), right: M5 standard light weight road hub (33 gram)
M5 has developed a new heavy duty front hub for heavy users that weighs just 52 grams. or a larger amount of spokes (24, 28, and 32) we have developed a new front hub that is very well suited for heavy users, weighing over 80 kilos (~176 pounds). Inside the hub are two super smooth rolling ceramic bearings.

It is our goal to start shipping this hub in the summer of 2009. The hub will be available in the colors black, red and white.

Although this is the 'heavy duty' version of our hub at 52 grams it is still much lighter than all other hubs manufactured elsewhere.

The material used is Alu 7075-T6, the hub is hard anodised and finished with a laser etched M5 logo.

Heavy duty front hub (52 gram),black, 24 holes: € 78.51
(EU citizens: € 95.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]

Heavy duty front hub (52 gram),black, 28 holes: € 78.51
(EU citizens: € 95.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]


Adapted accessibility of M5 by telephone

February 13th, 2009To the top
Due to our attempts for a better efficiency we decided to adapt our telephone accessibility slightly.
We therefore take the phone between 12.00 (CET) and 17.30 hour (CET) on tuesdays including fridays and from 10.00 until 16.00 hour on saturdays.
Thanks for your understanding!

Today: M5 building exists 10 year!!

February 13th, 2009To the top
Allready 10 years have been past since the official opening of the M5 building by Aart Roelandt, who commercially introduced his recumbent as the first into the Netherlands.
Until today we are really delighted with our very spacious, bright and energy efficient building.

First M5 golden hub set in M5 carbon rims

December 29th, 2008To the top
First M5 golden hub set in M5 carbon rimsThe first pictures of the M5 golden hub set. especially in these times it's always good to invest in gold!

Please contact us for the current prices.
First M5 golden hub set in M5 carbon rimsFirst M5 golden hub set in M5 carbon rimsFirst M5 golden hub set in M5 carbon rims
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