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Riding M5 recumbents to the North Cape: today and twenty years ago.

June 19th, 2012To the top
Riding M5 recumbents to the North Cape: today and twenty years ago.<br />
Every now and then we browse through our archives, which have become rather extensive over the years and stumble upon thing of interest. For instance, we found a beautiful, old card from one of our clients, from times when computers were all but mainstream.
Even then, in 1993, already large trips were undertaken to destinations like the North Cape, carrying 40 kilograms of luggage and covering daily distances of 150 km. Delightful to see the difference in reporting such a trip in 1993 and in 2012.

Our current North Cape specialist Arthur van der Lee from Heinenoord (Netherlands) departs tomorrow for his third trip to the far north. Using his updated M5 Low Racer (26 inch/28 inch wheels) via Helsinki to the North Cape and back over Narvik, Abisko and Kiruna to Gotheborg. While Wout Stoffel sent handmade cards, Arthur will report by image and word on his blog, being the professional IT-er he is. A lot has changes in twenty years time.

What didn't change are the wonderful landscapes up there and the personal experience of riding through them in permanent daylight. Thanks to modern media, it's nowadays possible to follow all this at a distance.

Picture 1: Arthur van der Lee ready to depart in the port of Rotterdam.

Picture 2: Front side of card with route from Wout Stoffel in 1993.

Picture 3: Short report at the back of Wout Stoffels card.

Check Arthur's blog at: >>

Riding M5 recumbents to the North Cape: today and twenty years ago.<br />
Riding M5 recumbents to the North Cape: today and twenty years ago.<br />

Superior new world record of 56.597 km!!

May 31st, 2012To the top

Aurelien Bonneteau (29) from Bordeaux, France rides with his M5 sponsored recumbent the last standing upright bike world record to tatters on bicycletrack in Bordeaux

Superior new world record of 56.597 km!!Almost everybody, except the real insiders, considered it to be impossible: breaking the super hour record by professional racer Chris Boardman. He had a remarkable stretched and low seating position which almost nobody but himself could maintain. Combined with an enormous power output this resulted in massive speeds.

Since recumbent racing is performed and records set with ever decreasing seat angles, especially on the standard M5 Carbon High Racers (like Niels van der Wal, Gertjan Wijers and of course Aurelien Bonneteau), we were convinced: at some point the last racing bike record has to give way, even if the challenger doesn't even have an amateur status.

Increasingly more reclined models emerged, like the one launched by Bram Moens in October 2011. Approaching a more and more horizontal seating position required a real shoulder support to prevent sliding backwards while pushing the pedals. At the same time this new feature provided an increase in efficiency. Result is a bike that reaches speeds well beyond 50 km/h, without the use of an aerodynamic tailfairing. Aurelien delivered "just" 365 Watt during his 57 km hour record.

With the power input of a professional racer a bike like this can easily be ridden above 60 km/h. Not in a sprint, but if necessary for hours.

Lets return to the big winner Aurelien Bonneteau. When he improved the then standing world record three years ago, it was clear that we would hear more from him. M5 supported him already with the bike itself and with aero accessories like disk wheels. Subsequently several world records followed on the by M5 sponsored fully standard M5 Carbon Low Racer.

Aurelien told about the run-up to the record that he started in December 2011 with training. He covered about 8000 km, of which a considerable part on the track in Bordeaux itself.

Almost all training kilometres were done on his M5 Carbon High Racer. During this time he gradually worked towards the use of shorter cranks of 130 mm, for aerodynamic reasons. This necessitated high pedalling frequencies (up to 130 rpm).

At the moment still a discussion takes place among a very small group of astonished American purists led by Sean Costin about the use of Aureliens convex soled shoes. Aurelien told me he needed those to be able to achieve a better balans immediately after dismounting his recumbent. By the way, these models are sold for years already at the better equiped shoestores and are meant for daily use.

Interesting to note is that this was Aurelien's first record attempt, by which we want to say that the developments are far from over. The sound barrier is closer than ever!

Superior new world record of 56.597 km!!Superior new world record of 56.597 km!!

M5 on regional television. Sorry, Dutch only.....

April 16th, 2012To the top
M5 on regional television. Sorry, Dutch

M5 brakes in top of test in German bike magazin `TOUR`

April 16th, 2012To the top
M5 brakes in top of test in German bike magazin `TOUR`In a simultaneous test of a total of eight different brakesets in the higher price range, the M5 brakeset came out as one of the best. Especially when looking to price/quality.
Particularly the enormous brakingforce and the flawless finish were mentioned.

Download de test or click on the picture.

Always a decent businesscard within reach!

March 16th, 2012To the top

QR, braille and standard text

Always a decent businesscard within reach!Soon available in three complete different "languages": M5 shirts with very remarkable logo's.
The first one tries to meet the demands of the irresistible digital appetite of the smartphone users through the QR logo. The second one shows M5 in braille with the standard M5 logo on the reverse side.

These unique shirts are available in different sizes and colors and works with a hidden zipper which runs towards the two front pockets.

If you are interested in these items then inform us with sizing and color so we can ship them as soon as they are finished.

Shirt A: QR + braille logo + M5 logo, color black
Shirt B: braille logo + M5 logo, color blue

Price of this very cool shirt is 58 Euro (excl.VAT and shipping, this price for non EC residents only)
EC residents: 69 Euro excl. shipping
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