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Yet another M5 CHR rider makes the trip from the Netherlands to the North Cape

August 16th, 2017To the top

Maurice Mahieu from Amsterdam pedals his M5 Carbon High Racer 3800 km to the far north

Yet another M5 CHR rider makes the trip from the Netherlands to the North CapeOn July 11th, I took my M5 Carbon High Racer, also known as "The Black Rider", with 20 kg of luggage (including camping equipment and cooking utilities) packed in 2 banana side bags and a backpack from Amsterdam to Emmen to follow the Jutland cycle route to Hirtshals in Northern Denmark. There I took the boat to Bergen and drove along the coast and the Lofoten Islands to the North Cape via the route of www.europafietsers.nl. With some extra trips here and there all together 3800 km (2360 miles). Initially each day trip covered around 150 to 200 km while decreasing in the Norwegian mountain landscape to an average of about 125 km per day.

It is a beautiful route where I could often see magic scenes in the evening sun. Because of the beautiful light and the more quiet roads, I cycled a lot in the evening. Thrilling to see the landscape varying from beautiful round shaped mountains to vast fjords, magnificent arctic mountains and the tundra with the many beautiful reindeer. Well, of course, some effort had to be done, but in general, I actually cycled very relax (a nice smooth cadence), except at times when I wanted to set some small individual record.., wanted to heat up a bit (this is Norway..though the biggest part of the trip had very good summer weather) and when trying to catch some ferry deadlines. The most funny moment was in Solvorn, biking with over 50 kilometres per hour and piling up on a downhill barrier. I still remember the look of the ferry employee..., he initially seemed to refuse me on the ferry because of my enthusiastic action but it turned out that he was only bothered about the fact that I would probably bike on the ferry.

The stability of the bike allows it to climb a slope of 10% or more even on my lowest effort at with speeds less than five kilometres per hour (3 mph) while my heart rate monitor indicates that I'm doing a recovery training! Descending is the other extreme, sometimes at speeds above 80 kilometres per hour,(50 mph) and that speed is often limited by the amount of steel in your nerves at the brake levers. Also, riding the bike with speeds above 60 km/h on bad surfaces and cattle grid does not feel bumpy at any moment. Although there is no suspension, it still feels that this bike sticks to the asphalt. A true joy!

I did also met a number of North Cape cyclists and sometimes joined them, arriving at the top of a slope with a decent "may be see you later" to see them disappearing very fast in my rear view mirror, sometimes we met again at another ferry or shop. Eventually I arrived on the Northern Cape on August the 12th, where I celebrated my "victory" with the most overpriced beer ever!

MINIMAL BIKE winner of German Bicycle Brand Contest 2017!

August 5th, 2017To the top
MINIMAL BIKE winner of German Bicycle Brand Contest 2017!A few months ago the MINIMAL BIKE already received the Dutch Bike Innovation Award 2017.

Now it also won the first price in the prestigious 2017 German Bicycle Brand Contest!
MINIMAL BIKE winner of German Bicycle Brand Contest 2017!

M5 Minimal Bike displayed at expo Cube Design Museum Kerkrade, the Netherlands

July 7th, 2017To the top

To be seen from July the 1st including December 3rd 2017

M5 Minimal Bike displayed at expo Cube Design Museum Kerkrade, the Netherlands
Minimal Bike displayed
The future of a great number of bicycle types can be seen in a perfectly designed expo of the brand new Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade

www.cubedesignmuseum.nl/en/activiteiten/fiets-bike-fahrrad-design-two-wheels >>


From heavy duty dual function SPD pedal to lightweight version in only half an hour

June 23rd, 2017To the top
From heavy duty dual function SPD pedal to lightweight version in only half an hour
trimmed versus original version
A little bit of sawing, a bit of sandpapering and in the end a bit of polishing. From 180 to 120 grs. (6 to 4 ounce), but apart from that less bulky. After this session only 10 grammes heavier then the 5 times more expensive titanium version!

Stijn van de Maele (Belgium) 3 time world champion during HPV World Championships in Mannheim (Germany)

June 19th, 2017To the top
Stijn van de Maele (Belgium) 3 time world champion during HPV World Championships in Mannheim (Germany)
Image: Jens Seemann
Stijn did it again!!

With only an upgraded rear wheel Stijn used his very standard M5 Carbon High Racer to prove that this bike works as well for commuting, shopping, vacation tours as winning world titles on speed championships....

With the highest excuses to his family for being out so many hours on training sessions

But the reults are stunning of course despite the fact that Stijn reaches 41 years of age. No trace of slowing down so far:

-1st place at the 333 meter sprint
-1st place at the kilometer standing start
-1st place at the 3 hours race

The climbing time trial was deleted because of an approaching thunderstorm while riding second place.


M5 Minimal Bike winner Bicycle Innovation Award 2017!

April 3rd, 2017To the top

Winners announced today at the annual congress RAI Bicycle Retail Trends in Burgers Zoo, Arnhem.

M5 Minimal Bike winner Bicycle Innovation Award 2017!From the jury:

M5 - Minimal Bike

Minimal Bike M5 is a truly innovative bike design, which was created through a minimalistic and wherever possible integrated approach. This resulted in a totally different and super light (from 6.7 kg with disc brakes!) model. The jury believes that this is shown clearly and reflected in the design of this bike in about every detail. An integrated head tube, the carbon fiber frame, the hidden cables and of course the unique (light) weight. M5 has created a bike that turns heads and which meets a need in urban areas for example.
M5 Minimal Bike winner Bicycle Innovation Award 2017!

New promo video MINIMAL.BIKE

March 9th, 2017To the top
No, we are not replacing recumbents by road bikes....:) They are both there and both are fun to develop.But today Bram Moens had to attend the last pitch for the Bike Innovation Awards jury. There was also this clip shown. Makers of these cool video are Winand Veldhuizen and Ansho Bijlmakers supported by Bram Moens and model Desire Melchiot.Please watch it full screen on You Tube itself!


Bike Radar covers 2-SPOKE wheel

February 9th, 2017To the top
Bike Radar covers 2-SPOKE wheelWondering if cross winds will be converted to free speed!

The article in Bike Radar

An enthusiastic article about Minimal.bike

January 27th, 2017To the top

"Tweewieler" comments on our latest product

An enthusiastic article about Minimal.bike  An enthusiastic article in the latest issue of Tweewieler, the Dutch magazine for the bicycle business.

Some phrases from the text translated:

"It's always amazing to lift a real bike of only 6.7 kg"
"All expertise in a really minimalistic design"
"Handle bar from a different world"

Also, a short video displaying the nominees of the Bicycle Innovation Awards:


And the nominees are...

January 24th, 2017To the top

www.minimal.bike is one of the nominees of the Bicycle Innovation Awards 2017!

And the nominees are...The RAI Association about Minimal.bike:

"M5: Minimal Bike is an ultra lightweight bicycle (6.7 kg), in which carbon is the primary material. The bike is designed according to an integrated approach. By optimal integration of components the bicycle is characterized by a minimalistic design."

Together with five other participants, Minimal.bike is now in the race for the Bicycle Innovation Award 2017!

More info at fietsawards.nl in Dutch

More about minimal.bike
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